Hello Guys,

We have decided to go ahead with our affiliate program launch.

We plan to launch an affiliate program to promote our network of sites which sell internet related services like web design, web programming, logo design, web promotion, etc.

I would like to have some advice from you guys:

1. Which works better for an affiliate - a per lead flat fee or a per sale commission?

2. What should be the ideal per lead incentive or per sale commission?

3. Do you think it will be a nice idea to offer them a turnkey website to promote our services?

4. What kind of problems do you foresee in our industry in reference to affiliate programs?

5. Do you know of any popular affiliate program in simmilar industry? Please refer the same for reference.

I plan to get started within next 15 days. However some of the above listed issues is holding me up.

I am sure there are many experienced affiliate marketers out here who can help me with their expert suggestions.

I await your response and thank you all in advance for your cooperation.