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    I am starting a new affiliate program and am trying to decide whether we should use CJ or Kowabunga (MYAP).

    Kowabunga is much less expensive, they seem more eager to make a sale, and even offer a "recruitment package" where they will recruit super affiliates for us through e-mail and by telephone.

    I have several concerns and I'm interested in hearing from both CJ affiliates and merchant on what you think about:

    1. I am concerned that by not going with CJ we will be limiting our reach of getting affiliates (it seems like they have a very large network). For example, if we go with Kowabunga, how do we get in contact with CJ affiliates to recruit them? It seems like we might be at a disadvantage?

    2. With either CJ or Kowabunga, I am concerned about how we can recruit good affiliates (i.e. affiliates that actually make sales). If you were just starting out as a merchant, what would your list of *must* advertise in places be to recruit affiliates? I am aware of the advertising options at ABestWeb and plan on using all of them. However, aside from ABestWeb, can you list all the other places you'd advertise as well?

    3. As an affiliate, do you prefer to work with one network over another (e.g. CJ over Kowabunga or vice versa?) Or, is the network the merchant uses not that important to you?

    I appreciate your guidance and feedback.


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    Welcome to ABW Gary,

    Have you tried reading about Shareasale? Good network and parasite free, merchant and affiliate friendly. As for its reputation it would be easier for affiliates to trust your company. Check them out they have a forum here at ABW. Just my piece of advice.

    BTW, you may not need to post a same question in different forums, even one post will get you the same results.
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    I would like to suggest which has great features, for the same price, or less ;-)
    Best of all it is not a network. You can build your own relationships.
    If you have any questions please ask.

    Max -

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