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    Amazon Spain Now Live
    For those who happen to be Spain or might have Spain traffic: libros, cine, electrónica, videojuegos y más.

    Affiliate program -

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    Maybe you can answer my question since I'm a lil bit confused about the different Amazon programs after reading some of these threads especially.

    Am in the US program and Canadian program. As I understand it tho the Amazon Canadian program is a lil limited regarding the selection of products sold on that site. (not sure if they sell any clothing, jewelry, etc. or not) Do get some sales thru the Canadian program and have those links on my site

    Had been in the UK program (not positive what all is sold thru that site). Did get some sales but after they adopted that policy regarding the fees to accounts that didn't get sales after a certain period of time, chickened out and removed myself from it since I didn't know how I'd do in the future and didn't wanna get hit with any fees.

    Realize there's this Spain and know there's Italy and some others as well. Not all the countries in Europe, South America, Africa, etc. have their own programs, tho.

    Am confused now. lol Are we supposed to be in a program that we're living in?? or are there different programs for where are visitors are from?? If that's the case, how are we supposed to know where are visitors are from?

    Hmm, not sure I'm making sense. lol Guess what I'm thinking is I know Amazon ships to other countries. Are visitors from countries other than the US able to purchase thru my US Amazon links and I receive credit for them or do I have to be in the program that whichever visitor is from to get credit and what if that visitor is from a country that doesn't have their own individual program....would I still receive credit?? Hope I'm making sense

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    I was also wondering the same that purplebear asks, what puts me off promoting Amazon is that my site gets traffic from all over the world, maybe 30% North America, 40% Europe and 30% from other places, it seems like wasting 70% of my visitors promoting something they can't buy.

    If the visitors were redirected to their local sites, however, that would be a game changer.

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