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    New features request

    Here a list of new features I would like to be considered for implemantation in the upcoming new version of webmerge:

    1) support for utf-8 characters (multilanguage)
    2) new Random Tags

    2a) Random tag for text (such as labels)
    [WM-RandomText: |Post Code|Postal Code|Zip Code|]
    This will insert randomly one of the three above label words for a field/data insertion tag. It is good for Search Engine Optimisation to have a variety of keywords/text rather than a standadized template where only the data fields change. Also good to prevent automated web scraping of data by presenting different labels/pattern for the same data field. The choice of the | separator would not interfere with text characters (a b c) or punctuation ( .,; )

    2b) Random tag for numbers
    [WM-RandomNumber: 10<120000]
    This will insert a random number between 10 and 120,000.
    It helps avoid web scraping if included in comments tags whithin the html before the data field <!-- randomnumber --> Data field
    Web scrapers like consistent html/label patterns in order to extract data and properly store them under the right dataset fields.
    It can also generate a random link to a product id page[WM-RandomNumber: 10<120000].html

    Feel free to suggest other features,

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