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    I was checking the stats for one of my merchants and wanted see which links customers were clicking on. I found a lot of product links, but I do not have any of these on my website. So the customers must have clicked on these links on the merchants website. But when I took a closer look on the stats I realized that nearly all of these product links were "expired". How can this be that a merchant has expired product links on his own website? And do these links still track?


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    Hi Carneol,

    Product links use a 2 digit code sent via the server. The way this works changed recently when CJ upgraded their entire tracking system. IF you are running product links that you coded prior to this change they will still track and you will be paid for them but they will b marked as 'expired' in your reports.

    I personally preferred their old system as the code was cleaner and more informative. Now when you make a sale via product links you simply get the Merchant name and the ubequetous "Product Catalog 1" instead of the exact product name that was clicked upon.

    I am assuming you have posted product links to your site in the past and forgotten that you have done this.

    If you want me to clarify how CJs tracking system works please let me know and I will expand on it.

    Hope this helps.


    Dirk Gardner

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