I'm using WebMerge to merge data from a .csv file with a html template file and create html emails with product offers.
WebMerge has saved me lots of time already, but I am missing the ability to manually go to the next record in my data-file.

Can any of you tell me if the following is possible:

Example: My html emails contains about 20 boxes with product offers, but they are not identical. There is a big offer on top, and the remaining offers are arrayed in various layouts below.
Therefore I can't use a single loop (which would make identical boxes) to generate the html. So I am missing a manual "switch" that I can enter into my HTML template, that will make webMerge go to the next record in the data, so I can then output this in the following section of my html.

E.g. if I merge the title of the product into one box with [WM-Field:title] and then use some kind of switch like "[WM-NextRecord]" it will jump to the next record, and the value of [WM-Field:Title] will change, so I can output the next record's title value into the following box.

I hope this makes sense.
I don't know if WebMerge is made to support this kind of usage, but it would be of great help to my workflow.