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    Google Using Anchor Text as SERP Title
    When I redesigned 2 of my sites (sister sites), I decided to get fancy with the main nav links. All the links were two words, which I sandwiched together and made each first word a color, each second word a different color. Nice looking, but not optimal of course.

    All the rest of the links to those pages were normal (through bread crumb trails, ... title tags are normal).

    Checking one of the sites in Google revealed something interesting -- some of the pages were listed as FirstWordSecondWord. Not using the Title tag, or referencing any of the normal anchor text.

    Needless to say I've undone those links as such, and can easily say I will never do it again. I know anchor text is important, but I didn't think Google would randomly pick up on that and use it. But then when do we ever know what the hell Google is doing anymore.

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    I do seldom see Google changing my titles to anchor text, which sometimes drop my CTR. But what I have noticed is that its not permanent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mobilebadboy View Post
    ..I know anchor text is important, but I didn't think Google would randomly pick up on that and use it...
    The Google has been doing this for some time now...
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    though google does'nt change titles to anchor text suggest you to use anchor text that are closely relevant to your niche/biz and use it to your advantage so it will leave a remarkable reputation and distinct brand promotion.

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