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    Trying to separate my football fanatics feed
    So I'm new to the whole affiliate marketing as well as only a middle level web designer. I'm trying to import the 7124 feed for Football fanatics into my site, but i have never worked with datafeeds. I wantt to pull the pittsburgh oriented apparel only and have it separated into apparel types.

    not sure how to even go about this, I've tried golden can but they only go down far enough to get the city and brands, the apparel is combined together.

    Im also hosted on blue host and have tried to figure out how to create a new table in phpmyadmin but not even sure what to put in the fields lol sry if anyone can shed some light on this it would be great.

    would i have to manually pull the pittsburgh info from the feed into a new feed and uplaod them seperatley?

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    I really don't have a solution for you, I'm sorry to say. But I, too, have struggled with the FF datafeed and wanted to alert you to another issue -- it is absolutely HUMONGOUS in size.

    Working with that particular feed has always been difficult for me because most of the software and the hosting I have are highly stressed trying to deal with the size of the thing.

    Perhaps someone else here will come by and offer some suggestions that we can both benefit from. I would just caution you that, if you have a shared hosting account rather than a VPS or dedicated server, you may over-stress your blue host account resources.

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    Might I suggest Popshops.

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    Dealing with the Football Fanatics datafeed can definitely be a challenge because of its size. It is a great feed, but it's just a monster -- my script utilizes over 700 lines of code to do with it what I want (I have entire sites running off less code, lol). But all that is done by choice - I split out every sport into its own table (so my server's not searching the entire feed each time), as well as making other specific changes.

    It's possible to import only the Steelers data, but it more depends on the ability of your server to process the feed. Once you get the 7124.txt file on your server, you can try running this (untested). Put it all in a .php file (name it whatever). Final table created will be fanatics_steelers.

    PHP Code:
    $sasid ""// put your Shareasale ID inside the quotes
    mysql_pconnect("localhost","MYSQL USERNAME","MYSQL PASSWORD");
    mysql_select_db("MYSQL DATABASE");


    mysql_query("drop table if exists fanatics_steelers_temp"); 

    mysql_query("CREATE TABLE fanatics_steelers_temp 
        (ProductID int(11) NOT NULL default '0',
        Name varchar(1000) NOT NULL default '',
        MerchantID varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
        Merchant varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
        Link text NOT NULL,
        Thumbnail text NOT NULL,
        BigImage text NOT NULL,
        Price varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
        RetailPrice varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
        Category varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
        SubCategory varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
        Description longtext NOT NULL,
        Custom1 text NOT NULL,
        Custom2 text NOT NULL,
        Custom3 text NOT NULL,
        Custom4 text NOT NULL,
        Custom5 text NOT NULL,
        LastUpdated varchar(100) NOT NULL default '',
        Status varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
        Manufacturer text NOT NULL,
        PartNumber text NOT NULL,
        MerchantCategory text NOT NULL,
        MerchantSubcategory text NOT NULL,
        ShortDescription text NOT NULL,
        ISBN text NOT NULL,
        UPC text NOT NULL,
        SKU varchar(100) NOT NULL default '',
        CrossSell varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
        MerchantGroup varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
        MerchantSubgroup varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
        CompatibleWith varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
        CompareTo varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
        QuantityDiscount varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
        Bestseller tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '0',
        AddToCartURL varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
        ReviewsRSSURL varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
        Option1 varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
        Option2 varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
        Option3 varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
        Option4 varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
        Option5 varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
        Rsvd1 varchar(10) NOT NULL default '',
        Rsvd2 varchar(10) NOT NULL default '',
        Rsvd3 varchar(10) NOT NULL default '',
        Rsvd4 varchar(10) NOT NULL default '',
        Rsvd5 varchar(10) NOT NULL default '',
        Rsvd6 varchar(10) NOT NULL default '',
        Rsvd7 varchar(10) NOT NULL default '',
        Rsvd8 varchar(10) NOT NULL default '',
        Rsvd9 varchar(10) NOT NULL default '',
        Rsvd10 varchar(10) NOT NULL default '')
    ) or die(mysql_error()); 

    $feed fopen("7124.txt"'r'); 
    $rowNum 0

    $data fgetcsv($feed50000"|")){ 

    $ProductID addslashes($data[0]); 
    $Name addslashes($data[1]); 
    $MerchantID addslashes($data[2]); 
    $Merchant addslashes($data[3]); 
    $Link addslashes($data[4]); 
    $Thumbnail addslashes($data[5]); 
    $BigImage addslashes($data[6]); 
    $Price addslashes($data[7]); 
    $RetailPrice addslashes($data[8]); 
    $Category addslashes($data[9]); 
    $SubCategory addslashes($data[10]); 
    $Description addslashes($data[11]); 
    $Custom1 addslashes($data[12]); 
    $Custom2 addslashes($data[13]); 
    $Custom3 addslashes($data[14]); 
    $Custom4 addslashes($data[15]); 
    $Custom5 addslashes($data[16]); 
    $LastUpdated addslashes($data[17]); 
    $Status addslashes($data[18]); 
    $Manufacturer addslashes($data[19]); 
    $PartNumber addslashes($data[20]); 
    $MerchantCategory addslashes($data[21]); 
    $MerchantSubcategory addslashes($data[22]); 
    $ShortDescription addslashes($data[23]); 
    $ISBN addslashes($data[24]); 
    $UPC addslashes($data[25]); 
    $SKU addslashes($data[26]); 
    $CrossSell addslashes($data[27]); 
    $MerchantGroup addslashes($data[28]); 
    $MerchantSubgroup addslashes($data[29]); 
    $CompatibleWith addslashes($data[30]); 
    $CompareTo addslashes($data[31]); 
    $QuantityDiscount addslashes($data[32]); 
    $Bestseller addslashes($data[33]); 
    $AddToCartURL addslashes($data[34]); 
    $ReviewsRSSURL addslashes($data[35]); 
    $Option1 addslashes($data[36]); 
    $Option2 addslashes($data[37]); 
    $Option3 addslashes($data[38]); 
    $Option4 addslashes($data[39]); 
    $Option5 addslashes($data[40]); 
    $Rsvd1 addslashes($data[41]); 
    $Rsvd2 addslashes($data[42]); 
    $Rsvd3 addslashes($data[43]); 
    $Rsvd4 addslashes($data[44]); 
    $Rsvd5 addslashes($data[45]); 
    $Rsvd6 addslashes($data[46]); 
    $Rsvd7 addslashes($data[47]); 
    $Rsvd8 addslashes($data[48]); 
    $Rsvd9 addslashes($data[49]); 
    $Rsvd10 addslashes($data[50]);

    in_array($Custom3"Pittsburgh Steelers")) {

    $sql mysql_query("insert into fanatics_steelers_temp 
    ) or die(mysql_error()); 

    mysql_query("alter table fanatics_steelers_temp rename fanatics_steelers") or die(mysql_error());

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    The feed can definitely be unwieldy - if you are looking to work with subsets of the feed (say Steeler's Jerseys) I'd recommend working with a 3rd party tool like the Basket/Make A Page together in ShareASale or PopShops - we're working on getting the internal feed builder back up and running, which can make breaking the feed into manageable pieces much easier , but for now, that is the best I can do.
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    It really all depends upon your programming ability. Working with large databases is easy, working with large datafeeds can be a problem because php can time out and so you don't finish processing the datafeed. But with this being said, your first step before working with the datafeed is to get your mysql database set up. Figure out how to do that first. It makes your life much easier and your program running faster if you get the data you need out of the datafeed and into a database.

    The next step is to get the data from your database and into your website. Once you do that, then you should move into getting the data from the datafeed to your database. The way to do that is simple, you pull out each line from the datafeed one at a time, then see if it the team you want and then you put it into the database.

    But if even this is too much for you at this time, the simplest way is to download the datafeed to your computer and then put it into a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet has a query that'll let you sort out the teams you want If the feed is huge DON'T USE IT. It'll take forever. I know I have tried. So you ask, how do you get the info I need. OK, what you do is this, put an empty column or one you don't care about and use the find function, looking for the team name in the field that'll contain the team names. This will give you the char count of where the team name is or an ERR if it isn't in the field. Copy this code to all the rows in that column. It'll take less than a minute to do them all then use the convert to value on that column and sort it. Everything with a number (the ones with your teams name will float to the type, the ERRs will float to the bottom delete all the rows with ERRs and you'll have all the info you need. Next step is to sort on what order you want them in. After that use the concatenate function to make HTML code for each product. The copy and paste the code into your website. It takes a bunch of steps, but it will work and this is the fastest way to do it without coding.

    I hope I'm making sense, I know what I'm talking about I used to do it that way.
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