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    My 4 Year Old
    My wife and I have 4 boys, 19, 16, 13, and 4. We pretty much beat the first three into submission but have decided to spoil the 4 year old. This took place the other night:

    My wife and I have an ongoing feud about how to raise the 4 year old, I think she's too soft, and she thinks I'm to strict. The truth is we balance each other pretty well.

    Anyway, my wife has built a habit of giving our son (Sean) a glass of water each night before bed, which is causing havoc with the bed-wetting issue. As the unintended authoritarian of the family I deemed that there would be no more water before bed.

    My wife tried to stop taking the water into his room at night, but this only created and endless stream of calls once we put him to bed for a glass of water, of which my wife would always oblige.

    I told her that he really wasn't thirsty and all he was doing is trying to stay up later and later by asking for water after his bed time.

    In an argument with my wife over the matter I proclaimed "Just let me handle this", of which she smiled and agreed.

    That night I put Sean to bed and gave him a stiff talking to about the water. I returned downstairs to gloat in my accomplishment of good parenting.

    15 minutes after I put him down we heard, "dad will you bring me some water" from his room. My wife smiled.

    I yelled upstairs "go to sleep, no water." My wife smiled again.

    15 minutes later, "dad please bring me some water" this time I screamed even louder " Sean, if you ask for water one more time I am going to come up there ... and you do not want me to come up there."

    I explained to my wife that sometimes you have to be tough with Sean to get results. My wife smiled.

    After about 30 minutes had passed, I told my wife "See, that's how you handle it."

    Immediately after I said that I heard Sean yell downstairs "Dad" ... I replied in a loud tone "what!" ... "Dad, when you come up here to spank me, will you bring a glass of water."

    My wife smiled ... Sean got his water ....

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