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    Bing Rewards Program
    Today I thought I would search to see if Bing offer an affiliate program. On searching I find they have a rewards program that you can only participate it in you install their tool bar. I like to see some competition for Google so I'm quite interested in trying this and I search a lot each day but I doubt there would be much money or rewards to be made!

    What I would be interested in though it making money from recommending it. Does anyone know if that is possible and also is the tool bar parasite free?

    On a side note I find it interesting that if you search on Google for "bing rewards" the first link will lead you to a dead page with this message "That web page doesn't exist." It might be a Bing website issue or is it google playing dirty with their tactics of eleminating any competition to their empire? The correct url to find the rewards program is: Bing - Member Center
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    Bing announced in June 2010 that they were closing Bing Rewards in JULY 2010. They weren't making any money as they were giving back 100% to it's members.

    Have no idea why they never closed nor if they now keep a portion of the profits for themselves.

    I never heard of any unethical behavior from that program, doesn't mean it is, either...
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    they can try and play dirty but honestly they do not stand a chance I do not believe. it is too small and has not had the take off they would need to be viable.

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