Own Products is a new skincare brand currently focused on marketing our acne product line.

We started this company after realizing that a lot of effective skincare brands out there contain some nasty chemicals that are bad for the health of people - especially those who use them frequently - and the planet.

It's true, some products out there are completely natural. You feel great when you buy them, but take them home and you realize, they just don't work. Skin issues like acne, aging and the damaging effects of the sun are not trivial. They are tough to combat, Benign natural ingredients simply don't cut it.

We couldn't believe that nobody had figured out how to make safe and natural skincare products that were super effective - especially at a price that most women can afford.

So we went out and did it. With our connections in the worlds of technology and sustainability, we assembled a network of experts around the world with remarkable expertise and insights. Today's frontiers of skincare are about understanding bio-chemistry deep at the cellular level: for the first time scientists know how the body's own powerful mechanisms cope with aging, sun damage and breakouts and have been able to identify a range of potent natural ingredients that they have proven clinically to boost the body's own bio-chemistry. In other words, we are pioneering "bio-activating" skincare: natural ingredients that deliver clinically-proven results by working in concert with your own body, not against it.

Please note that Own Products currently only ships within the U.S.
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