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    Bad Media attention for affiliate marketing
    Hey everybody,

    Still don't have much time for this stuff, pretty much halted what i was doing for the time being unfortunately, but i just saw this article and it made me think of all the ABestWeb'ers so i thought i'd post it....

    Don't know which aff network might represent or any of the other sites out there that have the same concept, but it looks like there's a lot of shady dealing going on..

    Red Tape - Craigslist users fight surprise $89 charges from penny auction site

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    I blame affiliate marketing a lot less than I do those who are amazed my shiny, flashy things and blindly give up their credit card information to someone or some site they know nothing about, especially without investigating or doing the simplest bit of reading.

    As long as people like that exist, there will always be someone ready to take advantage of them.

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    Affiliate pay-for-clicks arrangements have been around as long as the Web itself, and they often lead to unsavory tactics. Affiliate networks have been tarnished by links to porn sites, computer hacking, identity theft and plenty of other below-the-belt tactics designed to split $5 or $10 commissions.
    What a ridiculous (and irresponsible) statement, he obviously has no idea what AM is... these are isolated incidents.

    As for the topic at hand, merchant credibility has always been part of the equation for me, for this very reason.. I would never send a reader to a site that I wouldn't buy from myself.

    On a related note, networks do need to take some responsibility for screening merchants as well - last year I posted a warning here that a known-spyware toolbar had launched an affiliate program.

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