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    6 and AllPosters Affiliate Programs
    So and Allposters are owned by the same company, so I signed up for both. I know that art isn't a HUGE need, so any pointers for promoting these affiliate programs? Anyone ever had any BIG success with these websites?

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    Sure looks like Groupon is pimpin them hot and heavy. If you search within that forum for you will find 47 posts going back a year. Example:

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    First affiliate program I joined 6 years ago. Well, I don't work with them anymore. & - Commissions under $20/year will be forfeited

    It wasn't because I made +/- $20 (I made way more a month, not year). But they got mindf****d somewhere along the way. And they'll never appear on my sites again.
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    We had the same experience and dropped them. Now taking your earnings if less than $50, per their email. No other affiliate program we know of does this. What a waste of time!

    Avoid Allposters and

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    I wanted to add my two cents. is on CJ and I didn't see any such terms. I think it refers to their self managed independent program. Correct em if I'm wrong on this.

    I'm not telling anyone that they should disregard previous poor practices but I think normal CJ policies ($50 network threshhold for payments) still applies. What I'm saying is that I think will still have to pay CJ monthly and CJ will add that to an affiliate's balance regardless of the yearly $20 threshold that they have in their independent program.

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    superCool uses allposters through CJ and they seem as good as any merchant (convert pretty well / no reversals). for cheap poster items their shipping costs seem high, but other than that superCool likes the program.

    only suggestion would be to build sites and/or pages around themes - to keep it focused and to give yourself more chances to sell to each visitor

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