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    Exclamation Pending by affiliate
    Can I ask what does Pending by affiliate mean in the PPJ affiliate area?
    I assumed it meant that I had to do something on my part like accept the TOS or use the little white box to accept something and click on apply action.

    I have done this and still nothing happens, like their is a bug in the programming.

    I have 7 Merchants that need this action completed and I cannot fix this.

    Does anyone know how to fix it?

    If I apply to a program some of them are put in "pending by affiliate" and nothing I do is working to accept Pending or accept pending terms.... is this broken?

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    That's the status they (Pepperjam) display when you've applied for a merchant program and not yet been approved or denied. Just like on any other network, some merchants may process applications on a daily basis, and some may just never get around to it. If somebody is leaving you hanging like that, you could send them an email of whatever (if you have their contact info) to see if you can get them to take care of you.
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    davidh, I see thanks allot for that info... :P

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