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  • Indie writers' domain. Personal favorite, best response from audience. Amazon shop.

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  • Beverly Hills tea, caviar and low-range jewelry. SAS etc.

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  • Numeric Halloween domains going until 2015

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  • 5-character Beverly Hills real estate domain

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  • 7-character celebrity quiz site (tie-in to books w/ source questions)

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  • Xbox, PS3 and PC horror game domains

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  • Wordpress / DIY webmaster site - $1+/day ad revenue when tried out

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Multiple Choice Poll.
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    September 1st, 2011
    Hoping for a small bit of feedback on 20 affiliate projects - need to eliminate 19
    Hi all, sorry if this belongs elsewhere. Was hoping this was the right place as it's poster-specific and nothing that can really benefit newbies in newbie FAQs.

    I have a ton of domains (not naming them, just their themes). I went over the "post your one best piece of advice" thread and I agree that I really, really need to uproot a ton of half-finished projects.

    I put things in poll format to make it easier to respond but of course insights and tips are still welcome.



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    April 6th, 2006
    I don't even know where to begin, there are too many choices!

    Not sure a poll will help your decision, you need to look within...

    In my experience, the topics that interest YOU have the best chance of success, and it has to be a niche, not a catch-all to match a domain name. For example, when I think of Beverly Hills, low-range jewelry doesn't come to mind. Gaming domains are a dime a dozen, unless you plan on doing something different. You're too late to develop a Halloween domain, as it will take time for google to index a new site. And do you have the knowledge required to run a real-estate site..? These are the types of questions I would ask..

    It seems like the first option is the one you're most passionate about. Indie writing can cover ALL sorts of topics, but I'm not sure how you would monetize using affiliate marketing (it's not a niche I'm familiar with). Plus if it's already generating positive reader response, you're on to something good there..

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    Nunya, Business
    Which one of those above is making you the most money right now? I would focus on whatever is working and try to build on it, if you think it has potential to make more.

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    September 1st, 2011
    Thanks very much for the valuable feedback. You've helped me listen to a few inner thoughts I've been neglecting.

    The website/Wordpress one is the one I was making the most money from and the writing one is the one I like most, so I think I'll focus on those two and boot the others.

    It's true that the jewelry was a bit of a clash with stereotypical Beverly Hills hoity-toitiness. They were the only affiliate jeweler I could find in Beverly Hills but I should have looked a bit more for a more upscale program. I'll be disposing of it soon anyway.

    Hope you have a great week with your sites.

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