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    January 18th, 2005
    Just discovered this program. Have not tried it yet but the reports look 1/2 way decent.

    I have have several stats program I use. I like the extremetracker the best for referral and SE stats. It's FREE but you have all seen the logo on sites and most people don't want others to see their stats. (I have a way to make Extreme invisible.)

    Anyway since no one has posted any tools for awhile I though I would post this one. Invisible and free, so why not?

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    Can I be naive here and ask why anyone (should I say almost everyone - I see it all the time) would use one of the "free" tracking services which requires placing a graphic or some other nonsense on their page, when there are a plethora of free fairly good web stats packages which operate on your server log files? With the additional benefit that that proprietary info stays private. There must be some benefit that I'm missing....

    Don't have your own server? Don't most hosts give access to the raw logs? Even if not don't most hosts (TH Media does! ) provide fairly good stats such as Webalizer automatically at no extra charge?

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    I use a free traffic analyser. It has no graphic and is hidden from the visitor.
    I find it useful to look at what people are looking for real time.
    I also use the log files for a more in depth analysis

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    Looks like their account is suspended anyway, hehe.

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