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    Advertiser payment reports
    Hi Can you please tell me where I can find reports on Google Performics regarding advertiser payments with reversals, non commissionable sales, payment dates etc? I found a reply posted on ABestWeb many months ago but the link took me to a report that did not have the codes signifying if the commission had been paid etc. There was a 'Payment' report which detailed the individual commissions that made up that month's cleared commission payment but that seems to have been removed this month. Thank you.

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    Here is are two help center articles regarding payment reports available: Payments overview - Affiliate Network Help

    What reports are available? - Affiliate Network Help

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    Google reports
    Hi Jamie, Thank you for your reply. The instructions given on the link are for the old Adsense format. Is there a help sheet direct for the new format? And the reports explain the figure that Google has cleared for payment but not how that figure is reached in so much as amounts that are hold, canceled, non commissionable for whatever reason. I am sure that such a report is possible as it is necessary to be able to check our accounts. Sorry to be a pain but could you please tell me how I can raise these? Thank you so much for your time. Carol

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