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    Can We Change Airstrip One?
    I have a site that is getting like 33% UK traffic, so was interested in checking out the UK Section here.

    First I go here - Worldwide Affiliate Marketing - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

    Then I have to click UK which goes here - UK - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

    Then I have to click Airstrip One (UK users) which goes here - Airstrip One (UK users) - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

    Then I'm thinking what the hell is Airstrip One, some UK network or something? Then I realized somebody else asked that question and I answered it -

    So basically the name sucks and that section is kind of a mess with the name, the amount of clicking needed to get their etc.

    So for our friends across the pond and on this side and whatever side of the pond you're from, can we make this section a bit more organized and easier?

    From the ABW forum home page -

    I should be able to click UK and be right up in it, the discussion. So we have unneeded extra clicks to get there.

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    Matt's got that on his list, here is what he proposed:

    The UK and airstrip one forums should be removed, all threads should be combined into European Affiliates.
    On the list!

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