(Hope it's OK to post this "power tool" I've created here for affiliates. If not, mod., please delete ]

Got an affiliate site selling widgets? Have you filtered out people who are searching for the term "p2p", "warez", "free" or "jobs" at Adwords? Well there's about a zilch chance somebody searching for "free widgets" is going to end up buying one - they're a cheapstake. They might visit your site - and therefore run down your Adwords account - but you won't make a sale from them.

It's essential to create a list of negative keywords, incorporating terms like the above and numerous porn words, for your Google Adwords listings. The only problem is that it can take days to construct a comprehensive list that includes every possible word that will not convert. It took me two days full-time to construct mine.

There are sites that are selling lists of negative keywords for hefty amounts of money. But, if any ABW members are happy to permanently link back to one of my sites, I would be delighted to send you the list of hundreds of negative words I have painstaking compiled for FREE. I will also send you updates every year with new popular, but useless words.

Email me at na@NOJUNKMAILnazam.com letting me know precisely where you intend to add the link and how many visitors the page receives. I'll send you my list within a couple of days

Nadeem Azam
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