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    820 down for two weeks
    Just got an e-mail saying that their tracking in cj will be down for two weeks (and is actually down now). Not sure what could possibly take two weeks for them to fix, but booting them from our system all the same. Imagine how many merchants do this WITHOUT sending out an e-mail.

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    I never had any luck with them, but thought they were on GAN....

    Could this just be a CJ issue..?

    I haven't received any email advising of an outage (then again, I haven't reviewed merchant emails yet today).

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    I received the email too and promptly removed them from my site (three-click process). On one hand it was great that they were honest enough to tell us about the break in tracking but that does not excuse the fact that they are screwing the affiliate channel. I wonder if this has anything to do with last months drop in my commission rate?
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