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    Adding a blog to Wordpress

    The situation is that I created a site built around WP. The front (root) page is a static page, most of the rest of the pages on the site are WP pages (save for a few directory index pages that are static as well).

    Now, I want to create a "blog / news" section, but not quite sure how to accomplish that or if it's possible with the way the site is setup. Would it just be easier to setup a second install solely for that? Or is there a way to build out a section that would look like WP would by default (listing the posts, categories, etc)?

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    No help?

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    Funny title.

    You need to designate an area in your layout to display the default recent posts widget. Typically thats smack dab front and center. If you look at index.php from dashboard>appearance>editor, the part that does that magic is below where it says header and above where it says footer. You'll see that loop.php is the part that does the actual heavy lifting to display posts. Reference loop.php where you want to wherever within the site, and you should have your news thinger displaying the thingies you want to display.

    You could also look at plugins which will display specific categories or give you various options for presenting news/blog type stuff within widgets. As for category names as you would typically find in a header for navigation, those are just basic URLs and links you could create on your own, where you consider them appropriate.
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    You could simply leave the site with a static front page, create a new page (PAGE, not POST) named "blog." Then go into "Settings" and "Reading." Leave the static front page set the way it is and set "Posts page" to the newly created "blog" page.

    Now simply put "Blog" anchored to the "blog.php" Page somewhere in your navigation.

    When your visitors come to the site, they'll see the static front page; if they click on "Blog" in your navigation menu, they'll go to regular WP posts.

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    Matt, I figured the title confused everybody, so I got no answers.

    I think Gary's idea sounds more like what I'm trying to do (or maybe they both do and I just understood his more). When you click "blog" on the site, I want it to look like a default Wordpress by itself (themed of course to match my site). Almost as if it was standalone, but running off the same WP install -- with postings down one side, sidebar (cats, archives), etc.

    I'll have to go in and fiddle around with it one night when I feel brave (I've made it almost "too delicate" with all my hacking and whatnot).

    Thanks guys.

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