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    April 6th, 2006
    Google changed the home layout in WMT
    I logged in to Google WMT today and instead of a nice concise list of sites on the main page, I see webpage previews.

    This means I can only see 3 sites on screen before having to page down...

    Anyone know how to turn this off?? Crazy annoying..

    I see some benefit to the preview option, but only as a display option. And my own WMT preview added a hit to ALL my stats - need to figure out to to block..

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    Ugh. The Adsense layout change I can get used to.

    This change is horrible. And it's nagging me about a thumbnail on one of my sites being blocked by robots.txt, which is intentionally blocked because I'm tired of Google indexing images it shouldn't be. No way to dismiss the message either.

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    Ugh is right. It also triggers the site monitoring code we have on each website - so now it shows a range of the Google IPs, all using Chrome, visiting each and every site, with and without the www.

    This is insane, going to screw up our monitoring...
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    Keep improving things until they become useless.

    I do not like the new appearance either. The pict of my site does not tell me much, I already know what they look like.
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