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    Help with api
    I'm a new affiliate with groupon. I've done the widget and bookmarklet successfully but cannot understand what to do with the api.

    My blog posts deals, coupon matchups, and stratagies for saving money. We want to have a page with your current offers. Is there a way we can do this? I have searched for days but cannot understand how this works. Usually I can copy and paste some code, or find a plugin or add-on to do what is needed. In this case, I don't know what or where the code is, or where to paste it. I know I have a knowledge gap, and am hoping that you can help me.

    We are using

    Thanks in advance
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    Yowza, sorry for the delayed response! I somehow missed this Groupon itself doesn't have a plugin where you can display deals from our API, but I do know of a third-party that's developing something that will work with any API. It's not quite ready yet, but we'll definitely let you know when it is. I'm guessing just a few more weeks?

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