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    how to add value to my data feed website ??
    Hi ,im planing to create new data feed website on wordpress ,and was wondering do you know how can i add value to it ,i was thinking about adding videos and tweets related to page content but i dont know how to do it maybe some know plugins or html code that can help me with it ?? or maybe you have other ideas ??
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    If you are already using Wordpress, why not just write up some brief posts..? You're better off with fresh & original articles.. they don't have to be lengthy posts, just start writing something. Inserting plugins (videos, etc) won't have much of an impact without some content...

    And welcome to ABW!

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    You will want to consider changing some of the information contained in the datafeed. You are not the only one using it so changing the product descriptions may help.

    Ability to compare products
    Allow comments on posts
    Allow ratings
    Allow reviews
    Interlink your products for up-sell, cross-sell and related items
    Add original copy to any category pages
    Allow social bookmarking
    Display related headlines/blog posts to your products

    Whatever you add just make sure it is value added for visitors

    My 2 cents.

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