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    Exclamation Dynamic Poster Stores broken
    A few months ago, some affiliate "Dynamic Poster Store" links started showing a broken image (technically a broken iframe link) in the upper right corner of the store.

    You can see an example on's own affiliate linking page:

    (3rd Dynamic Poster Store Link) Affiliates Program!

    or view it directly here:

    PosterStore Adv Linking

    The upper right corner in the top red bar is actually a broken link (an iframe embedded in a table from the original iframe to display their discount image) so it's trying to load a page that does not exist.

    I've emailed affiliate support about this problem a few times going a while back, and the only response I've gotten is:

    Our team is currently looking at this issue. I do not have an estimate at this time for when this issue will be fixed. I apologize for any inconvenience.

    The problem with this is some user browsers may have problems loading the affiliate iframe because it's reporting back a broken link among the rest of the content. The HTML itself doesn't validate, and is full of broken links, garbage, etc.

    For example, one of the embedded CSS rules in the dynamic poster store is: FONT-SIZE: [REP_LINK_TITLE_TEXT_SIZE]px; (Obviously this is an error.)

    The broken iframe breaks the "layout" of the store. Also, the iframe itself is using circa 2005 invalid HTML, nested tables, nested iframes, etc. and other markup that doesn't validate. The code is literally 5+ years old, and eventually modern browsers (such as mobile devices) will stop displaying these invalid iframes as the future leaves the broken coding behind.

    Does anyone know a solution to this problem? Does anyone know the name of the current / Affiliate Program Manager? Someone to call and ask about this ongoing broken affiliate linking problem? I'm concerned because it took years to remove their previous broken image problem in their affiliate links.

    Is and slowly killing off their own affiliate program?

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    Looks like it works now.

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