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    Question Should product links on homepage go to internal page or merchant website??
    I think this is a Newbie question so I will ask it here.

    When I display product on the home page of a datafeed site should the link for the displayed product send the visitor to a internal detail page on my site or directly to the merchants website product page??
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    Depends if you feel your page is better at pre-selling than the merchants. In that case send to your page.

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    If you send visitors to your own page first (with a link to "buy" from THAT page), you will reduce the number of click-throughs to merchants... which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    Total clicks might go down but your conversion rate will improve as casual window-shoppers will stay on your own site.

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    I like to link to internal pages from the front page because I think it gives my datafeed site a bit more ranking, or at least makes it appear to be more "authoritative" and/or gets it crawled more by the Big G.

    I can't verify that, it's just sort of my feelings about it.

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    I think it does depend on the quality of the landing page, but also on who your visitors are. if you are just catching search based traffic and the merchant has a good landing / sell page then link direct to that. However if you have a lot of repeat traffic that comes back to your site then I'd look at having a pre-sales page on my own site before linking to the landing page


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