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    Question for Merchants
    The posts here are great, "Promotions for...". But they always seem to start at the beginning of the month, or in the month. You have a promotion for October (or November, or December), WHY are you just pushing it, into the month?

    It's October 4th. I already know what I'm doing for Thanksgiving and Christmas (weeks and months away). Why? Because I need to know how to plan for those days with my family/friends and deal with them accordingly. Consideration all around.

    I'd love to see one of these posts: ie; Promotions for October -- maybe, mid September. That would make sense, I guess. Affiliates would know how to plan for October, in September. Not figuring out how to plan for October, in the early week(s) of October.

    Just saying.

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    I think a lot of AM's would like to give affiliates a larger lead time for promo's and specials but there's all kinds of issues that prevent it.

    A percentage of affiliates won't read the start/end dates and add the promo right away making customers angry who can't receive the discount and causing headaches for customer service which turns into headaches for the AM.

    A lot of programs have dedicated links for promos/coupons so affiliates can add the link and let the AM's make the changes saving them time. It would be hard to set up this kind of system with a larger lead time. Creating the links as new each time you have a promo would probably hurt overall sales for everyone involved. Some networks have ways around it, Deals Database is quite helpful for instance, but not all networks have a good solution.

    Depending on the company, the affiliate program could be near the end of the notification chain for promotions and may not hear about them until closer to launch date. TV and Print knows months in advance but it's possible the AM may not hear about the same promo until weeks, if not days, before the launch.

    I'm sure there are other possible reasons but that's a good start.


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    A big part is the merchant. I am always asking for a promotional calendar but seldom get it. We would like to stage promos too especially seasonal such as Black Friday. I want to get that out the beginning of the week of November 21st.

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    I believe that the problem is merchants want to keep their promotions close to their vests until the last minute.

    Once promotions are announced, their competitors have access to them...
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    That too.

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