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    There's another thread going about banner creation software. But if you are not artistic and want some help - here are some good options:

    This is a create your own online tool. FREE banner templates are at the bottom of page.
    More professional tempates are at the top and cost 14.95 to 19.95

    These banners look very clickable. Check out the portfolio. They do Awesome custom banners for $14.95.

    I have not worked with any of these companies, so can't vouch for them just thought I'd share some of the bookmarked graphics resources I have found.

    Post your other banner making resources HERE!

    Linda Buquet | Affiliate Management Consultant | Catalyst
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    Hullo Linda .
    When I have the time I will use Adobe Photoshop on Wintel or the GIMP on linux.

    But IF NO TIME ? I use BannerMakerPro , from

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    Hi Linda,

    It's ironic that that efgroup mentions that he uses the Banner Maker Pro software application. We are a licensed contracted marketing distributor for Jim's software and it comes with free 100% usage for 15 days to make any type ad images you crave. You can give it a whirl by downloading the Free Trial Application here.
    Ray Thomas
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