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    We know that eBay was negligent in notifying us about their terms. No where did it indicate that "Buy It Now" transactions didn't count as a bid.

    Now that they do, I see quite a few of my bids show "Buy It Now", so I can only assume I've been losing quite a bit of money because of eBay's oversight for a long time.

    Now I wonder something else. It was posted that there was a problem with eBay's cookies, which contributed to the duplicate leads in November and December. OK. I believe they changed the cookie keep terms at that time.

    So, my question is this:
    Do we get credit for bids that are placed at the same time as a registration?

    The reason I ask is that I've noticed a lot of leads reversed due to "unqualified lead", which I guess means they didn't bid within 30 days of registering.

    But...doesn't it seem that most people who register would do so because they've seen something they want to bid on? If so, why aren't there a high proportion of bid transactions immediately after lead transactions?

    If the cookie placed during the registration process is not kept, and expires, would the new registrant then have to go back to the affiliate site, click on another link, and then bid in order to be credited?

    I hope this makes sense. I don't see as many bids placed within a few minutes of new leads as it seems there should be, and I don't understand people registering unless they want to bid.

    I just wonder if there's another disclosure problem with eBay's program...


    AFFILIATE MARKETING STANDARD: The site upon which the initial action to buy occurs is the site the commission is paid to. Period.

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    I think the implication in the thread that talked about the "keep" cookie is even worse.

    I think that it implied that if someone didn't bid from the same computer that they registered from, you didn't get credit for the registration.

    In other words, if I'm at work, and I register for eBay from my work PC, then go home and place a bid, you don't get credit for this as a qualified lead.

    The reason I infer that is that they said that they recently changed the "keep" cookie so that if two different users registered and bid from the same PC, you would get credit for each registration.

    That implies that the bid is tied to the registration cookie. Therefore if you don't have a registration cookie on your PC, the bid doesn't activate the registered user.

    No one ever responded to this. Nor did they respond to the "what happens if a Canadian signs up for" question.

    Based on the fact that Buy it Now was not credited as a qualifying event, I would say that you have to assume the worst for the eBay/CJ program.


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    When someone registers at eBay via a CJ publisher's link, the publisher's ID should be stored in that eBay user's a/c profile IN EBAYS DATABASE, so that WHEN he bids (OR PUTS UP AN AUCTION) the publisher gets the bid credited AND the registration is ACCEPTED AND LOCKED on the CJ system.

    It's not rocket science, surely?

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    "Buy It Now" is being tracked. I think it is good for all of us because now we will get more leads.

    I think Most people fill form to register with ebay, but as ebay don't accept free emails like yahoo's, hotmail and others And it asks for credit card verification. Of course it register you but for clarification it demands for credit card number. Where most people dont feel safe to give out their credit card numbers.

    So the fill up form but never bid and they are not accepted at all. So the become reverse transactions.

    Kamaluddin Panhwar

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    There really should be no need for the "qualifying" bid to be tied to the "original" registration cookie.

    If ebay (and other merchants) would simply store the referring affiliate in the customer record, the two acts would be easy to tie together.

    The idea that someone could register at home and bid in the office (or vice versa) means they don't "qualify" is ridiculous.

    Ebay should be responsible for matching these acts properly - not relying on the registrant's PC.

    Are you Crazy?

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    what would be nice is if we got credit for every bid for the life of the member that we referred... again, easy to do as explained above

    Supras | Celicas

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