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    CJ now offering Direct Deposit in 24 new Countries.
    Good new for affiliates who previously could not receive Direct Deposit from CJ, I think this will save a lot of time and money. As I know receiving payments by checks can be very hectic, I myself have been doing it for past 8 years. But Alas! My country is still not listed, and will still take 2-3 months for check processing.
    Anyway congrats for those who can enjoy this new service.

    Here is the new list of supported countries. Also see this link for full details:

    Australia (AUD)
    Austria (EUR)
    Belgium (EUR)
    Bulgaria (EUR)
    Canada (CAD, USD)
    Cyprus (EUR)
    Czech Republic (CZK, EUR)
    Denmark (DKK, EUR)
    Estonia (EUR)
    Finland (EUR)
    France (EUR)
    Germany (EUR)
    Greece (EUR)
    Hong Kong (HKD)
    Hungary (EUR)
    Iceland (EUR)
    India (INR)
    Ireland (EUR)
    Italy (EUR)
    Latvia (EUR)
    Liechtenstein (EUR)
    Lithuania (EUR)
    Luxembourg (EUR)
    Malta (EUR)
    Mexico (MXN)
    Netherlands (EUR)
    New Zealand (NZD)
    Norway (NOK, EUR)
    Poland (PLN, EUR)
    Portugal (EUR)
    Romania (EUR)
    Singapore (SGD)
    Slovakia (EUR)
    Slovenia (EUR)
    Spain (EUR)
    Sweden (SEK, EUR)
    Switzerland (CHF, EUR)
    United Kingdom (GBP, EUR)
    United States (USD)

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    Canadian bank accounts work?

    What bank accounts in Canada work with USD Direct Deposits from the USA? Scotia? TD? RBC?

    The bank account must be denominated in USD, right, to receive a DD from a USA bank in USD?

    And how do I give out my Canada bank account information? We have INSTITUTION #, TRANSIT #, BANK ACCOUNT #. But a USA bank account has only a ROUTING #, and a BANK ACCOUNT #.

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    CJ international direct deposit do not send you your "selected account currency". Unless you are based in US or UK, etc.

    CJ will convert your money to your local currency first and then send it to you.
    CJ or a third party company(the bank?) earn on currency exchange.

    If you are using their DD service. I would like to know if the exchange rate is good or bad ?

    I don't like all international direct deposit from USA networks force currency exchange. Same to Paypal bank withdrawal. i lose a lot from currency exchange.

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    Do payments to Cyprus work ok?

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