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    New to CJ/affiliate marketing

    First of all: I'm completely new to the affiliate marketing world. Secondly, I'm from Belgium, and my English isn't that good yet. This is my first post on ABW, and I hope I can get some good feedback on the problems I'm facing regarding the affiliate program from on CJ.

    Currently I'm working on a new forum which I'd like to monetize (through affiliate marketing). This forum is about an tv show (Game of Thrones). offers 8% commission and a 30-day cookie.

    My goal for the website is offering a well-designed forum, where the members can discuss anything related to the show. There will be other sub forums as well, but Game of Thrones will be the core subject. I'm planning to do weekly giveaways with Game of Thrones Merchandise, bought at the store. This would give me an 8% discount to start with. On the other hand, it gives me the opportunity to make excellent advertising for their shop. I could use banners as well, this wouldn't look as "spammy" because it's the official store, and not google adsense or any other random advertisement.

    For these giveaways I'll work with a raffle system, they can buy as many raffle tickets as they want. These can be purchased with the credits they earned by posting, opening threads/polls. So if they are more active on the forum, they increase their chances on winning merchandise, seems fair?

    I would like to offer my members X credits for every $1 they spend in the store if they buy the item through my link. These credits don't cost me anything, but I receive a nice commission on it. The merchandise prices are $ 20 or higher.

    I will also have avatars designed about the characters of the TV show. These can be unlocked with the credits as well.

    Do you think these incentives are good enough to actually earn some money out of the affiliate marketing?

    I have already registered for the HBO store affiliate program through Commission Junction. Unfortunately I got declined right away. How can I get into their affiliate program? Is there any chance on getting accepted? What can I do to make this happen?

    Any information is welcome. I'm planning to study more about affiliate marketing in the upcoming weeks.

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    Game of Thrones
    Dear Meerski,

    I manage the HBO store's affiliate program on Webgains. Please feel free to contact me at swright at webgains dot com so we can discuss your ideas on promoting Game of Thrones in the Webgains affiliate network.

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