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    I am looking for a newsletter service that allows me to send out a newsletter to several thousand emails multiple times a month. I would like basic stats on the email like open rates click thrus and html/text ability etc. I want to stay away from running it on the server but if you have a recommended software solution that would be great too. I was looking more at a hosted service kinda like Constant Contact or Vertical Response or Topica. But most of them seemed so expensive. I need something much more budget minded. I thank you for your responses in advance.

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    4,040 is half the price or MORE lower than others. You pay for the number in your list, not how many emails you send. That's what I use for all my newsletters.

    They also have a really good 2 tier affiliate program. So if anyone that gets your email decides to use them for their own mailings you get commission all on the mail your customers send too, which can help pay for your own list management.

    I sure hope you are not talking about sending Spam though.

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    No I have a list of subscribers and want to send out information on the site etc perhaps updates since they signed up on the site. That's all... no spam here...

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    How about the e-mail counts package from godaddy? I've used it before and it's pretty easy to use. Not as many templates as someone like Constant Contact but not nearly as expensive either.

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