I have trawled the internet for a few days and I cannot come up with a definitive answer for my questions.

I know answers to my questions will be subjective but I would really appreciate your answers as you are all where its at.

My objectives:

I have a white label affilate merchant which will supply me with the following:

a) a frameset to their site (unbranded) and assiociated html pages.
b) a csv feed.
c) numourous unbraded banners etc.

So basically I have quite alot of things to work with.

I would normally produce a website from scratch using html,jquery etc.
But I am in the market to standardize from day one as I will be adding other white label sites to my portfolio.

I have been looking at joomla + wordpress as they seem to offer descent plugins, some of which are free.

My questions:

1) what CMS are you using ? and what would you use in my situation.
2) what plugins, namely .csv are you using?

I am not looking for a walkthrough just factual information and possibly why you use what you do please.

This info would allow me to set my objectives on software from the start.