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    I'm in the midst of brainstorming a list of effective ways that people have promoted their web sites in search of high volumes of targeted traffic. Can you add to this list? Off the top of my head in no particular order here are some methods I've tried (and effectiveness for me in parenthesis on 1 to 5 scale)...

    1. Pay per click advertising at Overture (4)
    2. Same thing at Google Adwords (5)
    3. Same thing at Findwhat, lower volume though (3)
    4. Ezine newsletter by building my own subscriber list (3)
    5. Writing targeted content/search engine submission (3 or 4)
    6. My own affiliate program (it's only been a little over a month, jury is still out)
    7. Link exchange with similar sites (4 or 5)

    Obviously there is a huge range of things one can do within each of these methods that would greatly affect the outcome.... I've tweaked and polished each one of these methods a fair amount, though I know I can do more. And then of course there is the experimentation with the web sites themselves to try and improve conversion rates.

    David Nguyen
    Nexus Imports, LLC

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    Bumping this back up...

    It's a tough go as a merchant to try to get that kind of info out of other, competing merchants, nexus.

    Best of luck to you - I'm in search of similar information myself.

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    What group are you targeting? Old men, children, sailors or business men. If you are promoting Nexus Imports, I see the product being bought only as decoration for any office or yacht.

    The craftsmanship is excellent but the prices will narrow your target market big time. ( CEOs, retired yachtsman only ). I recommend advertising for this target market.
    Have you promoted your brand name today?

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