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    Does anyone capture emails on their affiliate sites or are you just optimizing for searches and sales?

    I always am reading about the importance of getting the customers email and building a list but heck, I dont even open one fourth of the emails I receive. Plus I am not much of a writer and would rather be promoting and polishing my sites.

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    I have dtried this off and on...

    the problem is most people use a junk email address so there is a lot of bounced email...

    however if you "newsletter" is for a tight niche... you can do quite well bewcause those signing up will read your stuff if you give them something worth reading... and over time you will have built credibilty so when you recommend something yor conversion will be greater then normal...

    however this does take work...

    if you ar not much of a writer find people to write for you... their are many that will do this for free or at a very low cost itf you leave their tag at the bottom of the aritcle.

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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    I would say its one of the important aspects of marketing. Keep in touch with your existing customers. Selling once is great but selling again to the same customer is even greater. Build a list of loyal customers. Never know when SE bots change the way they crawl and traffic sees the downfall. Till you optimze your site as per new rules its good to have the repeat customers. As experts say email contact is one of the best way of keeping in touch with your existing customers.

    I guess you are lucky that you are receiving emails. Reply to them "DO NOT IGNORE THEM" prompt reply is quite improtant. If you dont reply to someone its very unlikely that he/she would visit your site again. Customer Service is the core of any business.

    Joe has suggested a great idea about New Letter and thats only possible if you have valid email list.

    If you are doing good with your site, as Joe suggested, get someone to write for you. Get a good autoresponder.

    Dont Lose your Potential Customers and dont ignore their emails. Its better not to have an email link on your site rather than having it and then not replying.
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    I do.

    I use an autoresponder to automatically follow up and recommend products/services throughout set amount of days, etc. It's great and builds credibility and even a relationship with customers.

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    I use murgent for email marketing. Handles all your bounces automatically, so you dont waste time deleting all the fake addresses.


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