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    PopShops: advancing to page 2 on 1 store advances to page 2 on all stores
    Moderator Note: split from previous thread:

    Your original question regarding the ability to place multiple shops on a page seems fully answered; but, as you point out, advancing to page 2 on 1 store advances to page 2 on all stores, and I would unequivocally call that a bad user experience.

    What is your goal behind having multiple "shops" on one page?

    When I try to imagine possible benefits, I guess I can see an argument for having, for example, a mini dress shop right next to a mini shoe shop right above a mini purse shop that sits to the right of a mini scarf shop or something like that. If you insist on using PopShops, then I think the way I would attempt to pull something like that off would be through their RSS feed functionality with each related category side by side with say the max 100 products so that product #1 of 100 for category 1 is at the top of column 1 and is aligned right next to product #1 of 100 for category 2 at the top of column 2 and so on; so, your page would have say 3 columns, one for dresses, one for high heels to match, and one for handbags to match. Conceptually, it seems that would be a decent user experience if set up right (100 products per column might be a little much).

    However....and, I will pretext with the fact my site is not live yet...but, I will also pretext with the fact I've been (as any visionary entrepreneur should) researching concepts and practices like a hound for years and have really dug my nose into the nitty gritty of affiliate marketing, the tools available, testing, and generally blowing about 25% of my income over the last two years in an effort to get a fine tuned picture of how I can build exactly what I'd like to build (I can't tell you or I'd have to kidnap your socks). One of those research endeavors has involved looking at the possibility of using a feed aggregator like Popshops during the opening stages of my startup. With all that pretext in mind, below you will find copies of the last email I received from PopShops, and my subsequent reply. As a man who has prided himself on his hyper focused customer focus, I've found communication with PopShops to be practically disgusting, and feel the same about the majority of their forum replies to customers here in the forums. Before the copy/paste work, I will close with the fact that I will utilize DataFeedr's services upon my sites launch.

    From PopShops regarding rejection of my check card for a payment they attempted to process three weeks prior to the date quoted on their site when I upgraded to DataPack in order to test out functionality:

    "Dear Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx,

    So sorry, but we have to inform you that we will be canceling your account tomorrow. We have been unable to credit your account using the billing information on file.

    Please update your billing information immediately so that we can avoid inconveniencing you.

    To access your account, please visit

    With regrets,

    The PopShops Team"

    And, my subsequent reply, which I hope gets nominated for best customer complaint letter of the year 2011:

    "Dear The PopShops Team,

    So sorry, but I have to inform you you're lucky I don't report your "credits" to my account as unauthorized charges purely out of spite. I have more integrity than your organization, however, so I won't. The money I've spent through you so far I've simply considered sunk research costs. Here's why I spite you:

    1) Your pompous arrogance screams through every communication you post online.
    2) YOUR website misled me to believe this billing you're hounding me for now would occur on October 20th.
    3) My choice to upgrade was a choice to research your potential. One catch, though, it wasn't really a choice, it was an obligation borne out of the fact your pompous, arrogant, self-righteousness (which appears to be endemic) prevents your organization from attaining to ANY acceptable level of customer focused behavior whatsoever; more specifically (since I'm sure you're starting to fume), I had no choice but to fork out cash to investigate because your description of your services provided is more a description of how awesome you think you are instead of a transparent, honest, beneficiary focused review of your REAL capabilities.
    4) I doubt you'll take my assessment seriously. Why? Because every forum post or public posting I see coming from a PopShops representative in response to a customer's problem is an amateur's decision to scapegoat another individual or group for your own failures to live up to your unjustified high opinion of self.
    5) Your email, the one I'm replying to now, epitomizes all of the above. It's a ****ing 5 line template for Pete's sake! And, you manage to screw that up too! A terse, obviously fake, "So sorry..." Followed by "but we have to inform you (as though someone else is forcing you at gunpoint to apologize to someone you loathe) that we...."

    The closest you get to honesty is, "We have been unable to credit your account using the billing information on file." I know. I run a tight budget and your website told me my next billing would be on October 20, 2011, not October 13, 2011, nor October 7, 2011 when you originally emailed me. Never mind the fact you're not crediting anything. When you debit my card account, you merely provide access to data available elsewhere. Not only do you not credit my Popshops account, you, in the end (I found out by paying your premium to gain access to the information you fail to provide on your website), offer up what amounts to an overpriced, underperforming, unsupported, and poorly serviced data aggregator. During the time I paid you to give me information you SHOULD be giving freely as a principled matter of sound business practice, integrity, and transparency, I found out, for free mind you, that there are plenty of companies and ways to get more for my money in the long run in every remarkable metric category worth mentioning during a talk about merchant datafeed aggregators.

    In closing, as a sales and service industry worker who has won national acclaim and awards for customer focused behavior, you would tickle me pink if you refunded any and all money I've paid you over the last year of research as an apology for your poor attitude. Above and beyond that, I would be impressed if you managed to find a way to make any solid improvement in your service offering any time soon, and I'd be floored with delight if you began acting like a company that actually cares about consumers. However, all history behind us, I highly doubt your ability to do so before I choose one of your competitors who attains to much higher quality standards than you do. But, I'm a forgiving guy. If you can make a 180 degree turnaround in less than 3 weeks, I would take a look at your website again. Alas, we're probably parting ways here for good, PopShops. If the below is the kind of email you send to someone when you begin attempting to bill them 13 days prior to the date you said you would, I, again, highly doubt your ability to gather enough resources in 3 weeks to make the mammoth overhaul that would be needed to turn you and your services into a reputable and recommendable company and offering.

    Thank you, though, for the odd experience of both laughable and vomit inducing customer service.


    Your Former Customer"

    ***On a side note, particularly since there is no legal disclaimer in the email contractually binding me to confidentiality, I intend to use the above as an example of poor customer service on our site, but I will change the names of those involved to protect the unintentionally guilty.***

    This is why I tell my customers I'm like their personal pitbull
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