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    Why You Must "Shop" Your Merchants Sites
    While looking at a particular section on a merchant's site for best-sellers in this category, I noticed a message that said, "if you are looking for blah, blah, blah...visit our new site: LEAKY.COM." This new site is of course, not an affiliate site.

    I'm encouraging affiliates to go to your merchant's sites every so often to browse as a shopper would. You may that they've set up a "sister" site, especially in popular categories.

    It's up to you to decide whether or not if it's worth continuing a relationship with that merchant if you do find these leaks. Is it on every page? One category only? Have your earnings been dropping with that merchant? Should you drop only that category with the leak?

    Write to the AM or OPM and see what the response is.

    Mods: I didn't put this under "Unethical Merchants" as this thread is not about calling out one merchant in particular but a general issue.
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    This is a great reminder for affiliates, JoyUnltd.

    I would encourage affiliate managers and OPMs to do the same, placing test orders regularly and ensuring the cart works smoothly, there aren't diversions within checkout, etc.
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    Definitely agree!! Having a really large amount of merchants is hard to do so but definitely worth the effort. Something am going to make more time to do. Some merchants may be naive and not realize they shouldn't be doing this. In that case I have actually found some who removed those links after explaining why. So.....definitely a very good idea to do what JoyUnltd has suggested.

    Unfortunately, has turned out at times a merchant that started out as not doing this, somewhere along the way has changed and does now do it. As JoyUnltd, then is up to you to make a decision if you want to work with them or not.

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