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Thread: Vote Now For Deluxe Corp. Panel Session At Affiliate Summit West

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    Vote Now For Deluxe Corp. Panel Session At Affiliate Summit West
    Deluxe Corp and fellow eCommerce experts to host a discussion on ‘How to make Business to Small Business Affiliate Marketing Profitable.’ Vote Now For Deluxe Corp. Panel Session At Affiliate Summit West.

    B2B Enterprise solutions company Deluxe Corporation has exploded into the affiliate community and is looking forward to sharing industry leading insight and tools for increasing profitability on a panel at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. This conversation will center on B2B products and services as an increasingly demanding and profitable category within the affiliate marketing space. Deluxe Corp and fellow B2B eCommerce leaders will challenge skepticism surrounding affiliate participation in B2B programs and inform vast opportunities for targeting the right B2B customer utilizing trusted brands and thought leadership to grow sales and increase commissions.

    Furthermore panelists will focus on emerging opportunities in the B2sB space, uncovering lucrative answers to questions such as:

    • Are B2B Affiliate offerings viable for Affiliates?
    • What does B2sB mean and why should affiliates focus here?
    • How big an industry is B2sB and what is the opportunity?

    The Deluxe Corporation is committed to fostering strong business partnerships with its’ affiliates and this discussion will cement Deluxe’s winning philosophy on relationship building and expert positing to secure consistent conversions and high earnings. The B2B consumer is different, in a category where content expertise is most important, customers look to their affiliates – business bloggers, forums, and consultants, among others - as liaisons between merchants and the small business community. Panelists will offer up strategies for lead generation, product and services education, and easy tactics for cross-promoting B2sB products.

    As relationships and communication is a cornerstone for successful affiliate programs, the panel will share simple methods for how affiliates can best retain niche customers after the initial conversion concluding with the Top 10 Things an Affiliate Can Do Tomorrow to Earn Big.

    Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn how you can increase commissions now. Click here to vote!
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