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    Hi Everyone,

    Can anyone please suggest a forum tool/software that i can use? I know of one phpbb. Any other suggestions?

    One more thing, I know making a forum based site can can consume lot of server resources like Web Storage and band width. What kind of web storage and band width should I be looking at initially?
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    Don't really know about the bandwidth requirements.

    However, I have used PhpBB and liked it alot. It is free. I also use Invision Power Board and like it alot, too. IPB is more versatile, but phpBB has alot more freebies that go with it. Alot of free skins and doodads.

    I have several forum based sites. If you want to learn more, send me a PM if you prefer.

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    I run several forums and at the moment bandwidth is 7GB allocated but I don't exceed that with just the forums. It's file transfers like MP3's etc that consume vast chunks of resources. I have a UK website that get's 27,500 visitors a month and consumes approx 8GB of bandwidth, again it's the whole site that consumes it...not just the forum.

    Most hosting accounts allow you to increase bandwidth as and when you need it..and you can always use Adsense or Aff. banners on your forum to help with the costs.

    Hope this helps..and I use free forums too.

    Malc - some of my forums are linked below.

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    Forums are text based and so won't be storage or transfer hungry for a while - though can become so if they get very popular. phpbb stores the data in a mysql database which is an efficient way of doing so. My forum is part of a much bigger site with vistor numbers and traffic that dwarf what the forum uses.

    I think the key is to get something scaleable, forums take time to build momentum and you don't want to spend too much up front on resources you don't use, while later on you don't want to be moving hosts if your original host can't cope any more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaydenlucas
    vBulletin, an ultra scalable, fully customizable, PHP/MySQL commercial ($160) forum package, the top pick for any serious community builder.
    I'm sure 5 years later they found the software they were looking for. Bunch of really old threads you dug up here.

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    Indeed, they were doing that all over the board. Thread closed.
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