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    Verizon Broadband Closing Affiliate Program in CJ?
    Anyone else get the notice that Verizon Broadband program is leaving CJ as of today? I logged in and sure enough they are no longer listed as a relationship, and I cannot find them under the get links tab when looking for merchants to advertise. The form letter states they may be back, but are unsure when.

    Just wondering if I am the only one that got the notice, I know they terminated many affiliates this time last year...
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    I was booted too! Would love to know if anyone is still in the program?

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    I was booted a couple of months ago. I was told I didn't have any sales for a year. I responded with evidence from CJ to the contrary and never received a response back.

    I say good riddance to them!

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    yeah......anyone know why or when and if they'll come back?

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    Talking Verizon came back to CJ 11/21/11
    Guess someone over at Verizon noticed that they need affiliates to make money after all! Duh

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    Looks like the program is managed by CJ directly
    Contact: Publisher support

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