Hi all

our company is looking at setting up an affiliate program as an advertiser. Right now, we've really only been looking at CJ and LS, and wondering if anyone can share some insight (good or bad). It appears that they are the 2 larger networks which can get tracation/awareness quicker.

The other question surrounds affiliates and their appetite for promoting advertisters within a low margin business. Are they doing it, or tend to stay away from low margin affiliate programs, OR does it depend on the affilate as to how the program compliments their website/audience.

Specifically, our business is selling gift cards for multiple retailers/resto's etc--all mostly big name brands. The challenge is with gift cards, is they are often low margin, and from what I have seen most retailers themselves who have affiliate programs either offer no commission or very little on their own gift cards.

That being said, gift cards have constantly been rated the #1 gift giving item.

Look forward to getting some input. Thanks in advance.