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    Please change LS system so Advertisers data isn't deleted
    The following paragraph is from my favorite AM. She bends over backwards, to help me and her other affiliates.

    "I feel woefully ill-equipped to handle this issue. The LS interface has limited tools for me to use when investigating this issue. When I *approve* commissions, I can easily view which orders and items comprise the total. But, once the commission is approved, that information disappears."

    On the LS Publisher interface, the Advertiser Payment history shows LS received the advertisers payment, for September 2011, on 10-06-2011. Then, LS initiated a Domestic (US) Direct Deposit to me on 2011-10-13. The problem is that the Direct Deposit to me was for USD$87.79 less than I was expecting.

    I have just sent her an email, with eight (8) attachments. Seven (7) of them are Screenshots I took on the LS Publisher interface this morning. The other is the .csv file I downloaded, which shows what is included in that payment.

    Certainly I am not the first LS Publisher to have a problem with a payment. I am not positive the error was at LS, it could have originated at the Advertiser, but, the fact that the Advertiser no longer has access to the data, after she approves a commission to a Publisher, is something I believe LS should change in their system, so that data is not deleted and is available to the Advertiser.

    Thanks in advance to LS, for studying this issue and for making any necessary changes in the LS Advertiser interface, so the data isn't deleted after they approve payments.

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    Thanks for posting this information. You mentioned that the DD was 87.79 less than what you were expecting. How did you arrive at your expectation to be that much more than what you got? Or in other words, did you run a specific report that said you would get an additional 87.79?

    Also, there is a feedback button/form for our advertisers in their interface and I encourage them to use it.


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    @Ranae From reports on the LS Publisher interface
    Dear Ranae:

    Thank you for replying and as always, thank you for your time and your help!

    I sent an email, with seven (7) Screenshots, and a .csv file, as attachments, to the AM, on 18 October 2011.

    Three (3) of the Screenshots are for the Invoice

    The .csv file has the Payment Details for that Direct Deposit.

    A Screenshot of the Payment History.

    Three (3) of the Screenshots are of Signature Orders. Two (2) of them are for September 2011 and one is for the end of August 2011, because there was a Sale at the end of August that was too late to be included with the payment to me for August and that should have been in the September 2011 payment to me also. The commission for that sale at the end of August is $17.50 and that's part of the total amount that I am looking for, in an additional payment, now.

    The DD payment for my other LS Channel that also made sales for this LS Advertiser in September 2011 was *exactly* what I had expected it to be.

    My belief is that the Advertiser/Merchant made an error, in the amount of commission they approved for me, for that LS Channel, or, that someone at LinkShare made an error. There is, also, a possibility that there had been something Reversed, that I am not aware of, however, that is not apparent, in looking at the information I have available to me.

    I will copy your words about the Feedback thing on the LS Advertiser interface and send that to the AM, in an email.

    Thank you, again, for your help to me and to others here on ABW, which I greatly appreciate!

    Cordially, Lanny

    If you can give me your email address, I can "Forward" the email I sent to the AM, with those attachments, to you, if you want me to.

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    Thumbs up AM added the $87.79 into payment for October 2011
    This story has a happy ending. The AM added the $87.79 into the payment she sent to LS for October 2011. LS initiated a Direct Deposit to my bank account, on 10 November 2011, which included the $87. 79. All is well.

    Because I had the information available to me, and the Screen Shots I sent to her, the AM was able to conclude that something strange had happened.

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