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    Total Newbie - Need 1st Basic Help
    Hi Everyone.
    I am total newbie to Aff. marketing. I was a member of warrior forum (normal) and learnt some very basics of IM. Now I have bought a total new domain. The site is not even submitted to Google and only has a index page. Its a simple HTML page btw and not wordpress.
    I have decided to promote womens and mens clothes.
    Now what?
    How shall I proceed?
    I have registered at CJ but didnt submitted all details like cank act. and 2 more secret codes they were asking.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would focus on building the site first, and then worry about the products. You can have all the products in the world on your site but if it is poor you will see little money.

    Also might be more efficent and easier to set up a wordpress site, unless you are into hand coding and know a few languages.

    Just my 2 cents

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    I agree entirely with the guys, WP is the way to go it is simple to set up and maintain and there are so many useful plug ins to help with SEO and the like.

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    Smile Here ya go
    You can do anything if you put your mind to it. Here is my sample roadmap.

    1. Find a affiliate program that you have an interest and there is an interest in your niche. Estimated time 1 Day

    2.Learn how to install a wordpress blog. (Its Free) Estimated time 1 Day

    3.Use this tool to find out what people are searching for.

    4.LEARN SEO - Here is a starting point Search Engine Optimization, Google Optimization - SEO Chat - Estimated time: LIFETIME

    Don't try to create a site with 100 different merchants, just focus on 1 merchant. For that merchant focus on a single product.

    For an example: Lets say I am looking to sell Laser printers, find a merchant that sells these laser printers that has an affiliate program. Office Depot is a Good Bet, they even have a $30 off $150 coupon use can post. Build a site dedicated to this 1 product, write articles why this product is better than the competition (You can even link to the competition with an affiliate URL), and most importantly build incoming links to the site (See

    Do a search for laser printers at Google Keyword Tool, you will see what people are searching in relation to laser printers. Notice that "hp laserjet p3005dn" is searched 5400 times. This would be a good product to build a site for. When you register your domain I would buy a domain that is similar to this

    This is a bunch of rambling but has powerful information in it

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