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    Cazzie was nice enough to ask me to post a template here for others to use to contact their merchants. I am posting it here, but do know that it is a bit hard hitting (that's just the way I am I guess...) for a first inquiry. Feel free to use it as is or to modify it to your needs. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]


    I am an affiliate and I have recently been made aware of
    a company named Apparently this company has
    a type of software that basically steals my commissions
    when a surfer clicks on one of my links to go to one of
    my affiliate partner's websites. is an affiliate
    of (enter merchant name here). Can you please explain to me how the
    affiliate program works with (enter merchant name here)? Obviously, if they
    have the ability to steal my commissions, then I will no
    longer do business with companies that allow to
    be an affiliate.

    I need an answer ASAP as I plan on proceeding forward with
    my ideas on how to notify as many people as possible about
    what I see as unfair business practices amongst and
    all those associated with them.

    Thank you,
    Diane Dennis

    Again, feel free to use as is or to modify!

    Take care,

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    Is there somewhere that we can find a list of merchants that use this?

    Vicki [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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    Here's another template. I used this to send to my top CJ merchants where I have sold a few hundred dollars (or over $1,000) worth of their merchandise in six weeks. With merchants where I have not sold product, I remove the first paragraph and just put a note that I am an affiliate.

    NOTE: If you want to use this for non-cj merchants, you'll want to do some revising and removal of the CJ specific info.

    Feel free to mail this to as many merchants who need this news.

    I joined the insert merchant name affiliate program insert approximate time of joining. To date, I have sold $insert amount of sales worth of insert merchant name products.

    I was extremely disappointed to learn that insert merchant name is allowing CJ affiliates to use WhenU to market its products. If you are not aware of WhenU, I strongly commend this thread, to your reading.

    When a surfer has WhenU installed and they visit my site, if they click on my insert merchant name affiliate link, they will get a pop-up on your site -- it will be about your site and incent them to click that link. Once they do, that affiliate is now credited with any sales, not me. I pay to advertise your site, I get the visitor interested enough to click through to your site, but someone else gets credited with the sale.

    You might also be interested in another thread where Todd Crawford of has published a "white list" of CJ Merchants who have refused to allow merchants to use this predatory and unethical means of affiliate marketing. That thread is located at

    I realize you may not be aware that affiliates are marketing your fine program in this way. Now that you are, it is my sincere hope that you will put insert merchant name on the afore mentioned "white list" (as to be removed from the current "black list" at )

    Unfortunately, if insert merchant name continues to allow this unethical behavior, I will be forced to drop from the insert merchant name program.

    Best Regards,

    insert your own name

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    New York

    Cedric and Diane,

    Good Templates! <IMG src=>


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    I used Cedric's and added this:

    It should be pointed out that anyone with this program will installed will also get this pop-up when arriving at the HomeVisions site from any of your own search engine and directory listings. Thus, any sale made will now cost you a commission, where you once had this sale for free.

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    Excellent addition, webmistress!

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