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    Looking for CPS tracking software for publishers
    For a new price comparison website, we are looking for professional, secure Affiliate (Marketing) Software.
    The software, which will be installed on our own dedicated server, should give us the opportunity to directly connect several web shops to our price comparison website, without the intervention of an affiliate partner. Our visitors should be tracked by CPA/CPS. Web shops should have their own login to watch their statistics/payments. Payments should be available automatic through our Dutch bank account.

    We cann't find these systems in the Netherlands, are these systems available in the States?

    Hope to hear, thanks, G

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    Take a look at Post Affiliate Pro and see if it serves your needs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Hamrick View Post
    Take a look at Post Affiliate Pro and see if it serves your needs.
    Thanks, we already did! It's a very nice system. But we are looking for a system that's designed from the publisher/affiliates point of view

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