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    Payout for MyLowes new registrant?

    Does anyone know or have an estimate as to how much Lowes would spend to acquire new registrants for the MyLowe's service?

    If not Lowes, do you have a ballpark as to what merchants with similar, free, member areas pay for new signups?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    That's a question that only Lowe's can answer. Its called Life Time Value. When running a hosting affiliate program we paid $125 for a $60/year account. This was because the merchant didn't have reoccurring commissions so paid a customer acquisition fee. They knew they would make it up by selling more services over the subsequent years.

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    As Chuck said "That's a question that only Lowe's can answer" so you should ask them do some research and call every number you can find or send emails and IM's to every contact you can.

    As for other offers that are similar, I got to Odigger to research what other networks are paying out but I know there are several sites like it if you can not find what you are looking for there.


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