Got an email from a computer-illiterate friend frantically trying to figure the WH taxes on bonuses he was planning to give his employees before they left for Christmas Eve around Noon today. He thought he could get the tax info from the website and every page he was on to try to find what he needed, he said a great big pop-up square with a $ sign appeared on the screen and he'd click that and get somewhere else, get lost, finally got back to the IRS site, and then another big thing would pop up and he'd click that, not really reading it but assumed they were something that would take him to where he needed to be for the tax WH info he needed.

So I went to that IRS site, and sure 'nuff they were there, so I went to Compuserve to email him he had to click the X on the upper right corner to get rid of that, and on the almost-middle of the Compuserve main page, was another of those SaveNow boxes covering up advertisers that you gotta be SURE paid Compuserve to BE there, on that FRONT page!

So I asked him if he subscribed to WhenU and he said NO. But he had downloaded a bunch of things this week but never knew he was going to get this MESS. He just clicked OK or whatever when the grey box came up asking this or that.

He's new to the Internet ... I remember a posting before that about 3million were downloaded in a bundle with other software, so NEW users learning the Internet now are going to end up with SaveNow, even if they don't want it or buy WhenU.

(for KariBon ... she's Home for the Holidays!)

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