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    The Benefits of Working With an Agency
    As publishers, you’ve likely had some experience working with networks: sign up with a network, get approved, select offers that are in-line with your audience and (hopefully!) make some money on the campaigns.

    With digital marketing agencies however, the process is a little less turnkey but the rewards and long term gains can far outweigh the detail–heavy process.

    To begin with, performance focused digital agencies look for established and experienced publishers who are proactive and forthcoming with information.

    Since agencies work with leading brand advertisers, they expect publishers to be transparent about their audience profile, the types of programs and verticals they have shown success with, what the conversion rates have been on those previous campaigns and the traffic sources and data collection methods the publisher has in place.

    Similarly, agencies expect strict campaign compliance from publishers and have zero tolerance for fraud.

    Working with an agency is a hands-on experience for both parties, as agencies are looking out for the best interest of their clients as well as their publishers. Since they work directly with larger and more established brand advertisers, agencies can help publishers monetize their traffic with branded performance-based opportunities.

    This opens up many new avenues, as larger brands can translate into higher payouts, more campaign longevity, and less liability which can often be found in many ‘make fast money’ type campaigns on affiliate networks. In addition, agencies sometimes have exclusive access to private offers, ensuring that the offer is not already saturated in the market.

    By offering a seasoned team of digital professionals, agencies offer accuracy and effectiveness when it comes to representing the publishers’ needs leading to successful client relationships.

    Working hand in hand with clients to analyze and test creative, agencies ensure proven and consistent results for all parties, allowing for higher margin campaign with higher conversion rates. Publishers can also expect open communication and transparency from the agency on conversion rates, client needs and feedback.

    For publishers, working with a brand advertiser can raise the value of your inventory. Affiliate marketing campaigns are frequently run in conjunction with a traditional advertising campaign and for publishers this can mean an increase in brand recognition and a boost in conversion rates. By delivering quality leads for the brand, publishers have a higher potential for an increase in payout.

    By aligning your media with top digital performance focused agencies outside of the affiliate networks, publishers can be exposed to bigger and more sustainable clients.

    If an agency is satisfied with the results a publisher is able to deliver for one of their clients, then they are more likely to refer additional business which can open the doors to additional profits.

    Previously written for FeedFront Magazine by Dinesh Boaz, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Direct Agents
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    Jill, I am not sure where you are going with this article because my experience working with digital marketing agencies is not very positive. Agencies tend to be an extension of the merchant and therefor act primarily for the good of the merchant - not for the good of the affiliate. I have never had an agency take my side when problems crop-up. Working with networks who are paid for performance (and will work with affiliates) is my favorite model as it keeps everyone at the table and keen to work together. I am an affiliate marketer. When dealing with an agency, I am in a poor vertical along side hefty competition like paid placement, print, radio and tv. I stand a much better chance dealing with an affiliate network that is focussed on affiliate marketing! Just my 2 cents.
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    Dave, I understand your concern about working with an agency however this article is talking about digital media agencies. At digital media agencies,like Direct Agents, affiliates are given the opportunity to run campaigns on a CPA and CPL basis following the pay per performance model like networks. In addition though, agencies will also offer CPM models and other opportunities.
    The goal of this article is to better explain the benefits of working with digital marketing agencies and their branded clients. If you would like to get in touch with a Direct Agents media buyer, pm me.
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