We recently have joined LS and trying to make use of product search web services and so far we've got couple of issue.

1. Sporadically getting error 7186919. What we have is the following url: http://productsearch.linksynergy.com...e&sorttype=asc

And sometimes I'm getting <TotalMatches>1024</TotalMatches><TotalPages>52</TotalPages><PageNumber>1</PageNumber>, other times I'm getting 7186919. This is happening with 2 advertisers at least... they both have approved us few days ago and I can see them both in My Advertisers.

2. Error 7186911 when I search for "t-shirt". OK, the error makes sense I guess, but how can I search for t-shirt using web services? More than that, web interface search is giving me results, but not web service. I tried to use %2D instead of "-", but the "%" is not allowed as well.

Please advice. Thank you in advance.