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    Smile Can I pay for different percentage Commission in one affiliate program ?
    I just started a SAS merchant account .I want to give different Commission by the level .How should I do ?

    For example :

    Level Rate To reach this level ( by monthly sales)

    Level 1 7.5% Access to everyone
    Level 2 8.5% $501 to $2,500
    Level 3 9.5% $2,501 to $5,000
    Level 4 10.5% More than $5,000

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    Moved to Shareasale forum so Brian or staff can respond.

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    Hi gamebacker,

    You can definitely set up tiered commission based on sales performance. To set this up, you will need to send a ticket to our support team.

    When you are logged into your account, click the “Help” link in the upper right side of your account. This will take you to our Help Center. From here, click icon to “Submit a Ticket”. In the ticket just let our support team know the structure you are looking to set up and they will walk you through the process of implementation.

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    very easy to do; Manually;
    for every affiliate you can set whatever commission you wish.
    2 of my programs i run on a sliding commission scale.
    *Just go to your affiliates list
    *find the affiliate you wish to raise commissions for, click on details
    *Scroll down to Make changes to this affiliates commission schedule and there you can set the commissions.

    Make sure u inform the affiliates, I set mine that if they reach a certain level in any 30 day period they are raised to the next level and remain at that level from then on.

    Another program i manged it was cumulative to the next level

    Or you can allow sas to raise their commissions as suggested above. I prefer hands on
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    Thank all of you ,I will have a try .

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